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History of Finswimming

The first rubber fin was developed in 1935 by a French Commander De Corlieu. his rubber fin was inspired by a Polynesian fishermen who used sheets of palm trees to improve their progression underwater.

On September 1959, it was decided to form an organization which encompasses all underwater activities. This is called the Confederation Mondiale de Activites Subaquatique (CMAS). The first finswimming competition appeared where the rules and discipline was setup by CMAS.

In 1967, the first official championship in Europe was held in Locarno, Switzerland. To improve the performance of the traditional rubber fin, pairs of foot pockets were cut from the traditional fin into a stell blade. This was initialized by swimmers from Siberia, Russia. This steel blade resembles a dolphin tail which is capable of propelling a swimmer upto 12 kph.

With the rise of new technologies, the first fin made of fiber glass came out; and this was at the beginning of the Seventies. This fiber glass fin was used by Soviets during the Barcelona, Spain Championship. It became famous for its lightness and flexibility until now.

The Olympic International Committee (OIC) recognized CMAS finswimming rules and discipline in 1986. Currently, finswimming is a sport event in both SEAGAMES and WORLD GAMES.